AMIGOS is creating a world in which young people realize their full potential as leaders and global citizens. Our participants throughout the Americas gain life experience that empowers and inspires them to drive social change. 

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Hi Friends and Family,
I’m very excited to tell you about my plans to volunteer in Latin America this summer with Amigos de las Américas. AMIGOS is a non-profit organization that enables young people from the US and Latin America to collaborate, design and lead community service projects for rural host communities in countries from Paraguay to Mexico. It is the only program I have found that will equip me with the training and the opportunity to immerse in another culture and have responsibility to provide meaningful leadership.
This summer, I will spend up to eight weeks, with one or two other high school students, living in a small community and initiating a project to improve community resources in such areas as public health, youth engagement, environmental sustainability, youth entrepreneurship etc. I will also be teaching elementary age children in my community. I can hardly wait until March when I find out my country and project assignment.
My hope for this endeavor is that I will experience and gain knowledge about other cultures as well as meet the amazing people who live in our communities. Last summer, I participated in the AMIGOS program in Costa Rica and gained skills in areas such as cultural sensitivity, community development, youth leadership, and improved my Spanish. The trip increased my desire to do work that is relevant to this world. With funds donated to Amigos, I was able to help my community to rebuild their school kitchen that had been compromised by termites. I hope to continue to grow through cross cultural immersion and am very excited to be speaking Spanish and working on a project with another community in Latin America.
As a non-profit organization, AMIGOS relies on its participants to raise adequate funds each year to meet the costs of running its programs. Support for AMIGOS transforms us participants and our Latin American communities. My fundraising effort will directly affect the work AMIGOS does and the community-based project that I will be working on this summer.
Your donation to AMIGOS will have impact on a local and a global level. I would be very grateful for your support.

Haley Takeda


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