AMIGOS is creating a world in which young people realize their full potential as leaders and global citizens. Our participants throughout the Americas gain life experience that empowers and inspires them to drive social change. 

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Hello Friends and Family,

I am excited to tell you about my plans to volunteer in Latin America this summer with Amigos de las Américas.  Over the past 50 years ago AMIGOS has created opportunities for more than 26000 young people to collaborate, design and lead development projects based on the needs and desires of their host communities.

With one or two other students from the US or Latin America, I will spend up to 8 weeks living and working in a rural village in one of 9 countries, with a focus on public health, youth engagement, or environmental sustainability. To prepare, I am enrolled in an extensive AMIGOS training program with a group of 30 others from SF Peninsula area schools, learning important skills in areas such as cultural sensitivity, community development practices, youth leadership, teaching young children, and how to protect my own health & safety.

I am ecstatic to be able to be involved in this program for a second time. I chose to be involved again because of the many relationships I was able to form in Batey 5, Dominican Republic. From sitting next to my neighbor making coconut candy to cleaning plantains, the small conversations are what taught me the most about the culture and community. I was the catalyst for the project in my community and it greatly helped me improve my Spanish and leadership skills. The opportunity to learn about new cultures is something I will never pass up and the AMIGOS program makes this endeavor so much better. I cannot wait to get to know another culture. This summer will be one step further in pursuing my dream and learning about another culture. 

I hope you can help. AMIGOS is a 501(c(3) non-profit organization. We participants are responsible for the $6,400 cost of the program. My family has contributed one half and I am working to raise the balance myself, selling grapefruit, coffee and chocolates, and trying to close the gap with this direct appeal for help. Your donation will help and impact individuals and communities on a local and global level.  

I would be very grateful for your support.

Anna Luehrs

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