AMIGOS is creating a world in which young people realize their full potential as leaders and global citizens. Our participants throughout the Americas gain life experience that empowers and inspires them to drive social change. 

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Me (left) in Costa Rica with AMIGOS, 1997

Dear friends, 

Twenty years ago, I learned about AMIGOS through a presentation at high school. At that time, we had no idea we were all in for an experience that would impact us and shape our paths throughout our lifetimes. 

Many of you may ask, what is AMIGOS? AMIGOS trains young people from the U.S. and Latin America how to be engaged young citizens. Each AMIGOS participant learns through practice that positive community change takes committment, partnership, humility, and ownership at the community level. 
Through five AMIGOS programs, my world view entirely shifted, my understanding of humanity broadened, and I learned to have confidence in myself. Based on these experiences, doors opened to graduate school and to future leadership positions. Each day I work at AMIGOS I hope that in some small way I am paying it all back. 
I believe it is imperative that young people have experiences that push them beyond their comfort zones to be positive agents of change. It is critical they learn to build bridges across cultures, not walls, as well as gain practice learning to lead and be led. Our goal is to ensure that AMIGOS is the most accessible international youth leadership program available to high school and college students. 
This summer our team is working collectively to mobilize our friends and family around this mission and raise $50,000 to support AMIGOS. 

Today, I am reaching out to you to ask you to make a gift to AMIGOS, an organization I support both financially and as a member of the staff. Please consider making a gift today. Any gift you can provide will ensure that AMIGOS continues to transform young people for the decades to come. 

Thank you for considering a gift to continue the work of AMIGOS. 


Sara Nathan 
President & CEO 
Alum: Costa Rica '97, Brazil '98, Dominican Republic '00 & '01, Paraguay '03
Paraguay Staff Team 2003
What is AMIGOS?

AMIGOS is a 501c(3) that was founded in 1965. We are creating a world in which young people realize their full potential as leaders and global citizens. We provide extraordinary opportunities for youth participants to design and lead projects in collaboration with partner organizations and community members across the Americas. Our strong partner network built over 50 years of working in the region, enables authentic oportunities for youth to experience community development. 

Here are some examples of how your donation matters:

            $25 - Training manuals for one AMIGOS participant
$50 - Transportation for a team of local youth to go to their AMIGOS leadership training site
$100 - Travel supplies for a national Latin American participant
$300 - Transportation for host family training for 5 families
$400 - Seed funding for one youth-led community project
$500 - Airfare for one AMIGOS financial assistance award recipient
$1000 - A 2-day AMIGOS leadership training for local youth (up to 25) 
$2000 -  Seed funding for 5 youth-led community projects
$3000 - 1 financial assistance award for an AMIGOS participant from the U.S. or Latin America


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